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With over 50 years of combined Industry Experience
steel solutions for your business needs

As well as cutting to size we offer the processing services listed below. In addition we can out-source Laser or High Definition Plasma Cutting to suit your requirements. If you don’t have the facility in your workshop, we can arrange to deliver to local processors materials for rolling and bending.

  • Punch & Shear (up to 300mm wide 25mm thick).
  • Band Saw Cutting (up to ø450mm).
  • Straight Line Plate Cutting (up to 50mm thick).
  • Pipe Threading (up to 100nb).
  • Guillotining Sheet (up to 2400 wide x 5mm).

Metal and Machinery has a range of concreting mesh & bar, including moisture barrier and placing aids. We store 90% of our reinforcing mesh undercover, to prevent excessive rust problems. Our delivery vehicles are fitted with truck cranes, so we can deliver mesh onto site without the need for you to hire a crane.


Being based in a rural city we understand the requirements of the farming community. We make it easier for you by having a regular delivery to regional areas from Kingston SE to Portland and everything in between. Because of the constraints of the National Heavy Vehicle Driving hours, we can not offer on farm delivery but are more than happy to deliver to your nearest town.

  • Farm Gates.
  • Fence & Barbed Wire.
  • Sheep & Cattle Yard Mesh.
  • Aviary & Dog Mesh.
  • Fence & Gate Fittings.
  • Steel Bore Casing.
  • Sheep & Pig Flooring.
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